Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Overriding the Veto

In W. Virginia, “permitless carry” has become law. This law was vetoed twice by the same governor. But this time, it didn't “take.” The legislature overrode the veto and soon everybody will be able to carry a gun, concealed or otherwise, without the necessity of getting a permit. It's the only right thing to do, since the Constitution prohibits ANY law interfering with the American people being armed. It has caused the liberals' heads to explode. But who cares what liberals think? They managed to get around that for years. But America is waking up to that and going “over their heads.” Yes, that law does allow criminals to buy guns legally. But all that will do is make for less business for ILLEGAL gun sellers. They never have trouble getting guns, anyway, and nothing will change there. This law is NOT the “disaster” the anti-gun fools will paint it. (Breitbart)

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