Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More MFG. Overseas

Hillary wants to make a law making it possible to SUE gun makers every time one of their guns injures or kills somebody. That will mean the END of the LEGAL gun business in America, and the only guns available in the world will be made in foreign countries. Which is a BOON for overseas gun makers, who won't be liable under their new laws. Illicit gun importers will profit handsomely, too. If Hillary thinks that will reduce “gun violence,” she needs to have her brain removed (IF she indeed has one) and tinkered with so she can recognize reality. Even if she manages to destroy the American gun industry, what makes her think gunsmiths everywhere can't make and sell guns on the QT? You can't sue a gun-maker if you can't find him, just like with drugs. Americans have a way of “getting around” restrictive laws they don't like, even if this action doesn't cause another American revolution. I smell a revolution coming. (Breitbart)

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