Friday, March 11, 2016

The "Real Solution?"

People like to say different things are “the solution” to gun violence. But most of them don't work. Here's one that DOES work, every time. In one case, a woman had a restraining order against a man, but it didn't work. He attacked her, anyway. So she shot him to death. That worked. Statistics show that criminals stop committing crimes after their intended victims shoot them to death. The message here is unmistakable. Gun registration doesn't stop killers. It only MAY help catch him AFTER he has killed. That doesn't help the guy or gal he killed much. Gun free zones are only an “engraved invitation” to killers who would rather kill people without being killed immediately, themselves. Making LAWS that keep guns out of the hands (maybe) of known criminals don't even slow them down. They all know exactly where they can get an ILLEGAL gun. And disarming ourselves is the stupidest idea there is, when it comes to protecting ourselves that would only work if the “bad guys” disarmed themselves, too. But that ain't agonna happen. Count on it. (Just common sense)

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