Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ask A Stupid Question

Some people are asking, “Why would you ever need a gun in a McDonald's?” That's one of the stupidest questions ever asked. The answer is simple: “To be prepared when some SOB brings HIS illegal gun in a McDonald's to victimize people.” Which one SOB did here. It would be a good idea for any honest person to carry his/her gun into a McDonald's as it would be anywhere else, and for the same reason. In the case report linked below, THREE thugs walked into a McDonald's and tried to rob a guy, shooting two people. It is only a testament to their lack of good marksmanship that these two are still alive. If somebody else had been there with a gun, the result could be a lot different, with one or more of the SOBs dead or injured, instead of the innocent people.(ABC)

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