Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Seniors Grabbing Guns

Senior citizens know they're the top “targets” for criminals, since most of them are less than robust and are less likely to be able to defend themselves, if attacked. So they're afraid, and they know having a handy gun is a good way to make the difference when attacked by a young and able criminal. I'm “pushing 80,” and I know the idea frightens me. And if a criminal shoots me, I want it to be the last thing he does in his life. So now there has been a massive upswing in seniors buying guns and going to the range to learn how to use them. They know something the anti-gun fools do not. The best method to reduce gun violence is to KILL the criminal when he tries to victimize you. Anti-gun fools have no faith in the elderly (or anybody else, for that matter) being able to use a gun responsibly, even though they are the ones most likely to BE responsible in gun handling (senile elders excepted, of course, and they can be excluded). I think it's an outstanding idea and can undoubtedly save a lot of lives. (Wall Street Journal)

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