Friday, March 4, 2016

They Lied Again

Akiel Denkins was shot and killed by a Raleigh, NC police officer. Witnesses say he was shot SEVEN TIMES while running away. But forensics tell another story. Yes, he WAS “running away, but turned and tried to kill one of the cops chasing him but couldn't figure out how to disengage the safety on his stolen gun. He was shot in turn, fatally. Just like in Ferguson, MO, the “witnesses,” most of them his friends or cohorts, LIED to incriminate the cop, and, again like in Ferguson, were “found out” as they tried to incriminate a good cop who was doing his duty. They even got the number of shots wrong. This is all part of a spontaneous drive to make cops slower to fire their weapons at felons who are trying to kill them, while the “Black Lives Matter” crowd incites more and more criminals to sneak up and kill ANYBODY wearing a police uniform and a badge. But it's backfiring. It's making the cops more and more nervous and alert, and QUICKER to shoot, knowing they all have targets on their backs. The criminals, like this one, who died because he didn't know how to operate his gun, will die in the attempt to kill highly-trained cops, who DO. (Bearing Arms)

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