Monday, March 21, 2016

"It's All Gang Violence"

That's what politicians say about the fact that the gun violence against cops in Chattanooga is more than TWICE that of other comparable cities. But I say,  “So what? Gang violence is just like violence from other sources.” Gun violence with ILLEGALLY-owned guns will NOT be stopped by disarming honest, law-abiding people. A description that does NOT describe gang members, who NEVER have legally owned guns. Disarming honest people leaves the way open for ILLEGALLY-armed gang members, who WILL take advantage of it. I'm not sure what the gun laws are like in that city. I Googled it, but there were no entries for that. But I suspect they are the same kind of gun laws as are all over this country. If not, it would be news—at least, for the non-liberal media. Which, I'm sure, contributes to these numbers. And it doesn't matter if it's ALL “gang violence.” Gun violence is gun violence. Calling it “gang-related” is usually “code” for “We'll never solve it,” just as “Mafia connected” used to mean the same. (Times-Free Press)

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