Saturday, March 19, 2016

Guns In Classrooms

Anti-gun fools wet they\ir [ants and get very nervous at the thought of guns in classrooms, in the hands of students. But they're wrong. That isn't the source of danger from guns in classrooms. The danger comes from guns brought in by outsiders, who want to kill people they can be pretty sure won't be armed and able to defend themselves. But they're wrong, too. More and more college students are arming themselves for just such an occurrence. And they ARE bringing their guns to class with them. A mass killer just hasn't run into any of them, yet. The anti-gun crowd doesn't know about them because they have kept their “killer instincts” under control, and haven't killed anybody because of something unimportant. Anti-gun fools have no confidence in the ability of these honest people to keep their passions under control. But they're projecting their own passions onto others. They don't trust THEMSELVES not to shoot somebody over fender-bender or an insult, if they had a gun in their pocket, and they project that onto others. (Weapon Blog)

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