Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Video Propaganda Against Guns

This video (I presume financed by the government) shows a kid going off to school with a t-shirt holding a target under a flack jacket, indicating that he is a “target” with the message being that there are too many guns out there. But it’s wrong: there are too many guns out there in the hands of criminals, and not enough in the hands of honest, responsible people. They say that “anybody who isn’t for more gun control must be for more violence,” which attempts to label everybody who doesn’t agree with them as stupid. They say the only way to stop gun violence is to ban guns in every way possible, which is just OPPOSITE of the truth. You can’t ban guns by making laws against ownership. That only disarms HONEST people. Criminals don’t obey laws. These people also think “no gun zones” are a good thing, too. But those zones only INVITE armed criminals in to kill us. This is the kind of propaganda that will convince weak-minded people to “go along” with their idiocies. (Huffington Post)

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