Monday, August 19, 2013

Guns In Church?

Sure; why not? A church in Colorado Springs, Colorado sure was glad that one of their parishioners was legally armed; so much so that they asked her to be “unofficial security” while there. She agreed, and when a shooter who had already killed several people in another church came into her church to do the same there, she shot him. That ended his ambitions. While it didn’t kill him, he did that himself when he realized his game was over. “Pastor Ken Pagano provoked a firestorm when he invited members of Louisville, Kentucky’s New Bethel Church to celebrate the 4th of July and their Second Amendment rights by bringing their firearms to church.” The liberal media “opened fire” immediately, asking why “good church people” needed guns? The answer is simple: to keep armed crazies from killing them. But anti-gun fools don’t agree. They don’t have a logical answer, but they don’t agree. (The Blaze)

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