Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A "Reason to Buy A Gun?"

Anti-gun fools talk a lot about your need to “have a reason to buy a gun.” That’s stupid. We ALL have a reason to buy a gun. Basic self-defense against criminals who have no problem getting their guns out of the trunks of another criminal’s car in a back alley somewhere. They ridicule us for saying,” criminals don’t obey gun laws so why make them?” (Which is not what we're saying. We're just saying their target is wrong.) As usual, that’s a twisting of the facts. We simply say their DIRECTION in making laws is wrong: their laws need to punish the USER of a gun who uses is to commit a crime, not make “blanket laws” that disarm honest people and make them “easy targets” for criminals who NEVER have a problem getting guns. And it’s getting worse, with Islamic extremists pouring through our porous borders (thanks to Obama) and getting ready to make war on “soft targets.” We need to “stiffen up” their targets as they do in Israel, which has been closest to Islam’s ways for a long time. My favorite picture is of a middle-aged, overweight woman standing over an Islamic extremist in Israel, pumping bullets into his head. The source for this is the NRA. Even if you hate the NRA because liberals have lied about them long, and often, you need to listen to the COMMON SENSE these people are talking. (NRA Commentators)

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