Sunday, August 11, 2013

The "Black Hole" of Journalism

In Great Britain they did a poll, asking what were the six things they’d like to see repealed, and the 1996 gun ban was high on their list. Because of this, you won’t see much about it in the American liberal media: “Of the six suggestions that included setting a flat tax and placing a term limit on the office of Prime Minister, what drew more than 86 percent of the reader support was a proposal to repeal the handgun ban of 1997 [Which caused a marked increase in gun violence in the UK. –RT]. Because this is an unscientific poll, the results will be doomed to a media black hole, but it should send a clear signal to gun prohibitionists in the United States that their habitual use of the United Kingdom as an example of domestic tranquility where guns are concerned just took a direct hit in the credibility department.” But of course, those of us who pay attention already knew they HAD no credibility. (Second Amendment Foundation)

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