Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Right Idea

Somebody finally had the right idea. Arm and train school employees (not necessarily teachers, but SOMEBODY who carries a gun who is THERE when a would-be shooter comes in to shoot. But to put up a sign WARNING bad guys? Not so much. It works best when the would-be shooter DOESN’T KNOW there are non-uniformed people there who are armed. But this is better than schools being “no gun zones.” That’s just like posting a sign saying, “No guns here. Come in and shoot us.” Some schools like to post a uniformed, armed guard in schools—which isn’t very good, either. A would-be shooter could seek him out and shoot him FIRST. He (or she) is a walking target, to be “dealt with” FIRST, before beginning to kill students. (Cowboy Byte)

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