Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crooks Always Get Guns

Incompetent politicians will always use “mass shootings” to get impetus to pass laws to take guns away from all of us. And there’s never any shortage of them. Such laws don’t work, and intelligent people know that. But ignorant politicians don’t. Or they do, and they have an ulterior motive in trying to disarm us while maintaining their OWN right to own and carry guns to defend themselves. Some just hire gun-toting men to do the defending. But the fact is, they DEPEND on people with guns to keep them safe while denying us that right. In Pennsylvania, a gunman with a long-time grudge in Ross Township in a rural area, politicians had been attempting to “confiscate” (steal) a man’s property for years and their “chickens came home to roost.” He came in shooting and even left to get another gun (and no police yet). He was taken down by somebody inside with a gun, thus proving my theory that ONE guy with his own gun can stop such shootings before they have even more victims. This one claimed four lives. And had wounded more. I don’t know if his grudge was, or was not justified, and it wasn’t told if his guns were legally or illegally owned. But this guy had demonstrated that laws didn’t mean much to him, so they were probably illegal. (CNN)

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