Thursday, August 1, 2013

A World Without Winners

That’s what liberals want. I just finished watching Ryan Newman win the “Brickyard 400” in my home town and his, Indianapolis. (South Bend, actually for him) and I wonder what they would do if winners and losers were eliminated from the equation. An auto race without a winner is an effort in stupidity. Think about a shooting without bullets. Just as sports events without winners. Liberals come up with some STUPID ideas, but this is one of the ABSOLUTE stupidest. Like thinking a CRIMINAL, who breaks laws for a living, will OBEY one that says he can't be armed. What liberals want is to enshrine MEDIOCRITY. What intelligent people want to do is enshrine EXCELLENCE. Everything the liberals do is to promote mediocrity and penalize excellence and achievement. They want to “make all people equal” by lowering the standards everywhere. That does not advance ANYTHING, anywhere. That is the main difference between liberals and the rest of us: conservatives, Libertarians, or “rational individualists” like me. We want to promote EXCELLENCE while they want to promote MEDIOCRITY. And that’s wrong. (Just common sense)

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