Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Homeowner Kills Escaped Shooting Suspect

What if this homeowner (who was not named in the news report) had not been armed when 38-year-old Rodney Long (an escaped prisoner who had already shot a deputy in the face) broke into his home in Bedford, Idaho the other day? Rodney had already tried to kill this deputy. How long would it be before he killed this homeowner if he had not had his own gun? More evidence that responsible people who are legally armed can lower crime rates—by either killing or capturing criminals, rather than being victimized by them. Something ignorant politicians who spend their time DISARMING such people and making them “easy targets” should take note of; but they won’t. These politicians are too ignorant to notice any evidence contrary to their preconceived notions. Rodney will never shoot another deputy in the face. He's dead.  (Quad City Times)

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