Tuesday, August 13, 2013

America Needs to Be Armed

There are many reasons for the “average American” to be armed. The Japanese, during WWII found one: ”We didn’t invade the American mainland because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.” Today, the people who must know that are the Islamic extremists who are pouring through our porous borders (thanks to Obama) and making their plans to make war on us on our own soil. In Israel, everybody is armed because ALL Israelies are in the Army to repulse attacks by Islamic terrorists. We should all be armed, too, for the same reason. Yes, armed criminals are a problem, but the Islamic extremists who live here are an even bigger problem that must be dealt with—and disarming honest Americans will not do it. My favorite picture is the one of a middle-aged, overweight woman in Israel standing over a terrorist, pumping bullets into him. Terrorists living here need to know there “will be a gun behind every blade of grass” when they try and kill innocent people here. (Just common sense)

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