Thursday, August 15, 2013

Enslaving A People

The Russian communists were able to subdue the Russian people—after they took away their guns. The Czars might have been bad, but they did not stop their people from being armed—until the communists came along. They took away the people’s guns and enslaved them for 75 years, murdering MILLIONS (If you don't know about the communists, you'd better find out, before they kill you). Obama is ready to sign the UN gun treaty, which will lead to gun confiscation after they create a massive database of gun owners. They will know where the guns are, and will come for them—bet on it. Obama WANTS Americans to be disarmed so they can’t fight back when HIS thugs come for their property and their rights. Don’t believe it? Nobody believed Lenin wanted to be a dictator, and they didn’t believe Hitler wanted to be a dictator—until it was too late. Don’t stay blind until it’s too late. Put a stop to Obama’s attempts to disarm US. (Gateway Pundit)

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