Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Fool Bans Guns

And this time it’s not a politician. It’s an apartment manager in Castle Rock, Colorado. Note to self: Never move to the Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock, Colorado. Not because I am a gun owner, but because this apartment is going to become a “shooting gallery” as criminals realize there won’t be guns there to oppose them when they come to steal the property of residents. It’s like all “gun-free zones”; an “engraved invitation” to crime. And of course the owner is not going to hire armed security to protect his residents. One man, a 67-year-old man on a fixed income, will be forced to give up his guns (he’s licensed to carry) because he cannot afford to move and cannot afford to fight this in court. He says he “no longer feels safe in his apartment” because of this. I suspect though, from what I’m hearing, he will soon be able to afford it because donations are “pouring in” to help him sue for the return of his Constitutional rights from an overly-officious apartment manager who shouldn’t be allowed to run an apartment. Damn, I swear! Some people get a little authority and MUST exercise it. I'm thinking about sending him some money myself. I'm not in much better shape than he is, and I'm older. (Denver Channel 9)

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