Saturday, August 10, 2013

No Safer Place in All of Connecticut

That’s what the promoter of a special event honoring Starbucks for allowing armed patrons in their coffee shops says about his event, which invited people to come and bring their licensed guns; and he’s right. Not wherever there are “gun control laws” ruling things. The average “gun control law” only keeps guns out of the hands of honest, responsible people and makes them “easy targets” for criminals, who are usually illegally armed with guns bought out of somebody’s car trunk in a back alley somewhere. Figures show that illegal guns are easiest-found in places where “gun control laws” are the strongest. In fact, MOST mass shootings are done where there are “anti-gun laws.” Criminals do not go where there is any possibility that there might be guns to oppose them in the hands of somebody not in uniform that they do not suspect are armed. Uniformed cops in attendance can be “dealt with” early by a would-be shooter by ambushing them. (The Blaze)

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