Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Was Lazy!

I admit it. I was lazy yesterday. When it came time to update my blogs, I just didn’t have the energy. That comes, it seems, with old age; and I am OLD. I’ll be 75 soon, and that’s the age my mother was when she died. Age takes a toll on all of us. There is much more I could be doing to open people’s minds to the danger of accepting the atrocities Obama is wreaking upon this country, but I just don’t have the energy to do them. I need an “apprentice;” somebody like William W. Johnstones’ nephew, J. A. Johnson, who can help me in my later years and take over when I’m gone. But there is nobody, so far. My son agrees with me mostly, but he is blazé about it. My grandson even worked to elect Obama to a second term although he SAYS he agrees with me (he said it was “just a job” when he needed one). But I know nobody with the “heat and fire” I’d trust to continue my work, and that’s sad. I won’t have to live under what’s coming—they will. And when I’m gone, that will be one less voice to say the truth. (Just common sense)

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