Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lose Your Self-Defense Rights?

That’s what will happen if Obama signs the UN Arms Trade Treaty. It will be presented to you as a “necessary step in curbing gun violence,” but don’t believe that LIE. If he signs it, the Second Amendment will be TRASHED. It’s the ONLY WAY he can do that; the only way he can “get around” the Second Amendment and see to it you’re DISARMED and unable to defend yourself against an armed criminal—even one wearing a federal badge. Congress doesn’t even have to approve it. If he signs it, it will go into effect right then. It can be enforced in the INTERIM between him signing it and its being approved by Congress. All he has to do is NOT present it to Congress and it will be the law of the land. Then, any criminal (even ones with badges) will be able to victimize you under that UN treaty. Don’t let that happen! If you do, the gun-haters will have realized their dream. (Town Hall)

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