Thursday, August 22, 2013

Media Isn'r Interested

Fifteen-year-old James Edwards, who murdered an Australian citizen because “he was bored,” has elicited a diatribe from the Australian Vice-Premier against guns. The Vice-premier says they literally BANNED guns there and there have been NO increases in gun violence in Australia since—which is a LIE. Gun violence there has TRIPLED since then (They're doing their best to hide that).  The media isn’t interested because this is a “black on white” incident, on which reporting does not advance their agenda to demonize guns, Banning guns only creates a “black market” in illegal guns. He hits out at America’s “gun laws,” not mentioning that NO LAW would have stopped this kid from murdering this man. This killer is only FIFTEEN, fergwad’ssake! He cannot legally OWN a gun. Something politicians (in both countries) conveniently ignore. This is no “innocent kid,” no matter what his age and can’t be painted that way, as was Trayvon Martin when he tried to beat an unrmed white man (or one who appeared unarmed and white) to death. Maybe if politicians got smart and punished USE of guns in crimes more severely rather than disarm innocent people (without using such laws as “bargaining chips” to get convictions in other crimes), things would change, But banning guns does NOT work. Something politicians refuse to know. (IJ Review)

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