Monday, August 5, 2013

Message to Today's Youth

“Hey kid: yea you; the one with those tattoos and piercings that are supposed to make you look big and tough. Yea you; the one that never finished college, the one that’s still living with Mom and Dad in the basement. Yea you; the one who likes his pot early in the morning while the rest of the world passes you by. Yea you; the one who voted for Barack Obama! Okay genius let’s take a retrospective look at your life over the past five years. Oh and to help you out the word retrospective means going back and evaluating. Listen up numb-nuts! Have there been any changes [ for the better RT] in your life and for that matter your family’s life since you helped elect President Obama? Let me jog your clouded memory to give you some help. Remember that beautiful home you used to live in a few years ago before it was foreclosed on by the bank after your father lost his job? Remember when your father never drank, but after being unemployed for two years he just couldn’t take it anymore?

Remember the once fat 401-K your parents had but were forced to withdraw it to keep food on the table, food for you? Remember when you used to go to college but your Father said he could no longer pay of your tuition? Remember after he told you that you dropped out, smoked 5 joints and never got at least a part time job to help yourself through college. And let’s not forget the car you used to have, you remember the one you were able to fill up every week for $25 but now would cost you $60, so you sold the car for scrap. Are you getting any of this pal? You’re life has turned to sh-t, you have no idea why, you have no future and frankly you could care less while you helped reelect the same POS that put you and your family in this predicament. When will you wake up? When it’s too late? But it’s already too late you dumbass!!! (Thanks to N.P.Contompasis) Don't forget: Obama is the biggest enemy to your right to self defense and to own and carry the means to that defense, a gun.

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