Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Didja See This In the Lib Media?

I didn’t think so. It doesn’t advance their agenda to demonize white guys while pretending all black youths are “innocent, abused boys.” Many are, as are white youths. The main problem is, abused white youths are abused by black youths (thugs) in most cases. Liberals whine about blacks being the most-imprisoned group, while ignoring the fact that most CRIMES are committed by black men. They’ll call me a racist for saying this truth, but I couldn’t care less what liberals call me. In this case, three “innocent” black youths (thugs) beat a white boy almost to death because he would not buy their drugs. This will not be reported much in the liberal media. These boys look no more like thugs than did Trayvon Martin until he tried to neat the hell out of a white man and got himself killed. They remain alive because this white kid didn’t have a gun, as Zimmerman did. (Gateway Pundit)

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