Friday, August 2, 2013

Gun Sales Skyrocket

Which makes a lie our of news reports that gun sales are going down. They’re not. For Sturm-Rueger, they have increased 50%! The highest sales have been since 1990. Which tells you a lot about how “out of touch” the news media is—ON PURPOSE. It’d be interesting to know how many of these guns are registered and can be STOLEN by the government in its effort to get guns out of the hands of civilians. I’d bet that most will be “hidden away” in anticipation of the government taking away our guns. And I don’t blame them. England made a big mistake when it tried to disarm Americans before the American Revolution. What many people don’t even know is that gun control attempts are what STARTED the war that CREATED this republic. Congress (and Obama) should take notice if they want to stay in office, and maybe even alive. (Bloomberg News)

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