Sunday, August 4, 2013

Liberals Lying, As Usual

Rachel Maddow and NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, talking about mass shootings, say, “It only happens in America.” That’s an easily refuted lie. It happened in Utoya, Norway in 2011, where a gunman killed 69 and wounded 110. Then there was Winnenden, Germany in 2009, where a gunman killed 15 at a school; and Mumbai, India in 2008, where terrorists killed 164 and wounded 308. How about 2002 in Erfurt, Germany, where a gunman killed 18 in a high school? Or Dunblaine, Scotland in 1996, where a gunman killed 16 kindergartners and their teacher. Only happens in America? Google it. Come on, people! If you must lie, don’t tell those that are so easily refuted. (Just common sense)

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