Saturday, August 17, 2013

Self-Defense: A Human Right

Self-defense is a BASIC human right and no politician, anywhere, should have the power to deny it to you. Which makes what anti-gun politicians are trying to do WRONG. They all go around with armed security all around them to keep them safe, while denying the same right to people who can't afford to hire armed people to carry their guns for them. All efforts to limit your right to own and carry the means to self-defense, a gun, are misguided and WRONG. But don’t try to tell those fool politicians that. They won’t even bother to argue with you on the merits. They will simply call you names and walk away. If you try to get a liberal to argue on the merits of ANY case, that’s what they do. They won’t argue on the merits because they HAVE no arguments and they know it. Their position is untenable because it’s the position of a FOOL and they know it, But they’ll never admit it. (Just common sense)

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