Sunday, August 25, 2013

Teen Thugs Beat War Hero to Death

But the liberal media isn’t interested. It’s a “black on white” crime and doesn’t advance their agenda to demonize guns. They painted Trayvon Martin as an “innocent boy” who was “callously shot to death by a white man for no reason.” The fact that this “innocent kid” (who was hand-to-hand combat trained and was a known local thug) was beating the hell out of him and threatening to kill him didn’t seem to bother the liberal press, who just wanted a white scapegoat even if he WAS a minority they could CALL white). In this case, TWO “innocent kids,” 15 and 16, beat an 88-year-old war hero to death, “just for fun.” Delbert Belton, who “fought on” after being wounded at Okinawa, but was beaten to death by two young thugs with long criminal histories. If this man had had a gun, maybe things would be different. And the liberal media would again be “crying” about an adult killing two “innocent kids.” One of these "innocent kids" danced and sang at his fingerprinting and made a joke of it. (The Blaze)

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