Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who Cares?

WHO CARES? Who cares if Obama is a “skeet shooter?” I don’t, and I’d guess that 98% of Americans don’t give a damn, either. But one reporter brought up the existence of a photo of Obama “skeet shooting,” and they decided to provide one, just to give us something to argue about and keep our minds off his crimes; and he is guilty of many. I don’t “skeet shoot,” and neither do most Americans. And owning guns is NOT about “skeet shooting.” It’s about SELF-DEFENSE. Against ANY criminals who come to steal our property, even if they’re wearing badges. That was its purpose, regardless of ANY attempt to say it is NOT. As to that photo, it doesn’t prove ANYTHING except this administration is willing to “Photoshop” a photo that LOOKS like he might be “skeet shooting,” even though it is obvious he is NOT. To “shoot skeet,” he would be aiming upward. Not straight forward, as he seems to be in this phony photo unless he is a lousy shot, which he probably is. (Freedom Outpost)

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