Friday, May 24, 2013

Timely Increase in "Gun Violence"

Does it seem to you there are more incidences of gun violence today than before Obama started talking about “ending gun violence,” which is code for “banning guns?” The gun violence didn’t begin with the Sandy Hook school shootings; it didn’t begin with Columbine, either. Nor Ft. Hood, where a proud Islamic terrorist who happened to be in the military killed a bunch of people (And Obama still refuses to call Ft. Hood Islamic terrorist even though the shooter was shouting "Allahu akbar!" and demonstrated his Islamic ties many times before the shooting). It began in the 1800s when a man went into a school to shoot the teacher and was killed by the children in the class, all of whom were armed. NONE of these incidents took place where it was legal for everybody to carry guns, but that little fact escapes our incompetent politicians, who only want to DISARM honest, responsible people so they can’t defend themselves. I’m not a “conspiracy theorist,” but some things like the sudden increase in gun violence at just the right time to help the “anti-gun Nazis push their favorite cause do not escape my attention and give me reason to suspect that certain “anti-gun extremists” just might be helping some of these fools who want to shoot up innocent people to do so, even ENCOURAGING them to help Obama “cry wolf” about “gun control, as if banning or more tightly controlling gun sales and ownership WOULD do anything about it. All those laws do is DISARM honest, responsible people who OBEY laws, while leaving them to be “easy prey” for CRIMINALS, who don’t. Think about it. (NRA)

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