Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NRA: "More Guns In the Hands of Good Guys"

As predicted, the National rifle Association (NRA) recommends “more guns in the hands of good guys” to protect our children from the “guns in the hands of bad guys.” LaPierre asked if you should have guns in the hands of good guys ten minutes away (as with calling the cops) or a gun in the hands of a good guy standing beside the bad guy (like a teacher)? The cops are always at LEAST ten minutes away and this “bad guy” can kill a lot of people in just a few minutes. The shooter in Newtown, CT killed all 26 people, including 20 CHILDREN in 3-1/2 minutes. Had there been a “good guy with a gun” there, that number could have been a lot smaller when that “good guy” put a couple in his head” as soon as he started shooting. The “anti-gun freaks” have always ridiculed this idea, but it is the ONLY idea that can be successful in dealing with these indiscriminate shooters.

An armed civilian is NOT as crazy as are these shooters just because they aren’t cops. This is the solution I have recommended all along. But nobody (in charge) is smart enough to take me up on it. Wayne LaPierre, perennial vice president of NRA, recommends armed police officers in every school—which is pretty much what they have now. But these officers are usually IN UNIFORM, which makes it easy for potential shooters to “take them out” FIRST, from ambush. I say they should be in civilian clothes, and people not suspected of being armed so a potential shooter cannot “single him out” and eliminate him before “doing his dirty deed.” Schools should NEVER be “gun-free zones.” That is an OPEN INVITATION to people who want to shoot them up. (Huffington Post)

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