Monday, May 13, 2013

They Just Make It Up

If politicians (mostly Democrats and other liberals) can’t come up with real statistics to prove their point, they just make them up. Democrat Rep. (soon to be retired, thank Goodness) Charlie Rangel recently claimed that “MILLIONS of kids have been killed by automatic weapons.” That is such a STUPIDLY wild figure that even other DEMOCRATS don’t believe it, But Charlie “stands by it” even though he couldn’t prove it in a MILLION years. He blames the NRA, politics, and money for the failure of the new “assault rifle ban” bill. Personally, I “blame” the resurgence (somewhat) of common sense in Congress. Charlie repeats again the fantasy that the Second Amendment was written for hunters. It was NOT. It was written so that the people would be armed for the most part and not COMPLETELY defenseless when “government agents” (thugs) come after their property.

The facts are these: most murders are NOT committed by people with “assault weapons.” They are committed with HANDGUNS and knives. Guns criminals, who do not obey laws will get, whatever the law says. As politicians (mostly Democrats “flail around” doing their best (which isn’t very good) to disarm us all, criminals are improving the market in illegal weapons. Just as Al Capone did NOT want the repeal of the alcohol ban (it would ruin his business), criminals want weapons to continue to be banned for most honest people so they won’t meet a gun when they attempt to victimize people. (The Blaze)

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