Monday, May 27, 2013

Too Far the Other Way

Incompetent politicians in Nelson, Georgia, instead of simply making it easier to get a “carry permit,” want to FORCE residents to BUY a gun. That’s how incompetent politicians with delusions of grandeur ALL seem to think: got a problem? FORCE somebody to do something, even if it’s the right thing. Thinking of the RIGHT WAY to limit gun violence, such as punishing USE of guns in crimes with no ability to “drop those gun charges” to obtain the criminal’s cooperation in convicting him in other crimes just seems to be something they cannot even THINK about. When are we going to start electing COMPETENT people to office? The new Nelson, GA ordinance specifies NO penalty, which makes it useless. And all you have to do to be allowed to ignore it is to object. They say they’re “just making a point.” What point does a stupid, AND useless ordinance make?(

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