Monday, May 27, 2013

Prosecute All Illegal Aliens As You find Them

One of the problems with illegal aliens is that there are so many of them (from the government ignoring their crime) it would be a monumental task to find, and deport all of them. It gets even harder when the feds IGNORE the problem with their “catch and release” policy that tells others they can come here illegally with impunity. The answer is to change the federal government policy of IGNORING  the problem and start PROSECUTING illegal aliens as you find them, and put them in PRISON for a few years, as Mexico does. THEN deport them after they serve their sentence. That would send a message to others that they CAN’T illegally come here with impunity. Maybe that wouldn’t SOLVE the problem right away, but it will make it BETTER and stop it from getting worse. (Just common sense)

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