Friday, May 31, 2013

Punished for Self-Defense

In Massachusetts (where else but liberal-run Massachusetts?) a man was arrested and charged with every chickensh-t “crime” they could think of after he shot and killed a bear that was advancing on him when he confronted the bear while he (the bear) was raiding his bird feeder. I suppose he should have let that bear kill him to avoid punishment. They couldn’t charge him with killing the bear so they charged him with other “crimes.” It’s only in Liberal Land where you can be punished for defending yourself. One of the “charges” was having too much bird seed and “baiting” the bear. Another was having an unlicensed firearm (on his own property) because his license to own the shotgun was expired (I didn't know they expired). Liberals will “getcha” any way they can. (The Blaze)

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