Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Anti-Gun Senator" Shoots Intruder

Are you surprised? I’m not. I’m used to hypocritical lawmakers making laws to limit what you or I may do while reserving the same rights for themselves. Remember Dianne Feinstein? The former SF mayor, now Senator? The one who scared the hell out of a crowd when she took a semi-automatic weapon and pointed it all around in one of her tirades against guns while trying to hide the bulge of the gun she carries for self defense? Remember the female TV star who gave speeches abut gun control and disparaged ANYBODY who was FOR carrying guns? The one who hired ARMED guards to “protect” her children? These people aren’t trying to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS; they want to make criminals out of ALL of us if WE carry guns for self defense while they carry or hire armed guards who do. This particular Senator is the SECOND anti-gun Senator who shot an intruder. Then there was the anti-gun COLUMNIST who shot an intruder in HIS home. These people are HYPOCRITES; all of them. (Huffington Post)

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