Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another "One-Note Song"

Obama has assigned one of the worst “anti-gun fools” in his administration (besides himself, that is), Joe Biden, to be in charge of a commission to “address gun violence” in this country. What that means is Joe must come up with more and better anti-gun laws and ways to BAN GUNS. It doesn’t matter that NO amount of gun banning will keep guns out of the hands of criminals who wish to use them to commit crimes. All they will do is CONTINUE the practice of DISARMING honest people and keeping them from being able to defend themselves. Even Megyn Kelly of Fox News says Biden’s commission will “strike fear” into the NRA. Not even! The NRA knows the best way to approach “gun violence” and no amount of stupidity by Biden is going to “strike fear” into them. (Minute Man News)

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