Saturday, May 25, 2013

Am I "Tilting At Windmills?"

I write, day after day, to reveal the secrets our pro-socialist (communist, Fascist, Progressivist), anti-gun government doesn’t want us to know. They don’t even know I exist (Of course, they do, but they don’t count me as important enough to do anything about—yet). They just go on with their depredations, as if I didn’t exist. They do the same with people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others who get to many more people than I do. It seems like what I, and others do, has NO EFFECT on the progress they make in remaking this country in the Soviet communist image. I’m getting old and tired. It takes more and more out of me to keep “ticky-tacking” at this computer, trying to let you know what your government is doing to you and what your media is keeping from you. It’s not as if I have no material. I have more material than I can ever find the energy to write down. But I’m losing my confidence in the power of truth. Is what I’m doing making ANY difference? I begin to wonder, but I can’t stop, until I am physically UNABLE to continue, which isn’t that far away. (Just common sense)

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