Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Home Inspection" Soon to Be Law?

The government soon will have a law, in effect, that allows them to come to your home once a year or so and “look around,” searching for guns to “confiscate” (steal). Even liberals decry this law, that was “slipped into ”SB 5737,” the infamous “assault weapons ban” that was recently passed by the Senate. It’s not law yet, but if the House passes it and Obama signs it, it will BECOME law (It didn't pass, but anti-gunnera are promising to bring it up again and again until it passes). And I’ll tell you now, if “government agents” come to my door looking for guns, they’ll have to FORCE their way in because I will not open the door. I will not allow “government agents” to enter my house FOR ANY REASON without a warrant; ever. They’ll probably want to “talk to me” soon when they read this, and I’m sure they will, but they’ll still have to do it on the street OUTSIDE of my property or do it at GUNPOINT. This is exactly the same thing that STARTED the first revolution in this country and may even start the SECOND one. This government is taking in FAR too much territory, as did King George. Now it’s “King Obama.” (Cowboy Byte)

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