Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Sky IS Falling!

Because the voters in this country (a majority of whom seem to be ignorant MOOCHERS who want only to live at the expense of others, and elect FOOLS who will “keep the goodies coming” while our economy collapses from incompetent governing. And really ignorant people do things like “gun buyback programs” for not only REAL guns (which allows criminals to sell their broken guns to others and use the money to buy guns that WORK on the black market), but also for TOY GUNS, which is about as STUPID as I can think of. Soon this country’s government is going to collapse from incompetent governing and we will sink into COLLECTIVISM, which is a STUPID system that has been DISCREDITED in practice, everywhere it has been tried. Most notably lately in Russia, where its socialist “Soviet Union collapsed because there was no longer any INCENTIVE to produce anything, and everybody was just TAKING without producing. (Just common sense)

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