Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gaily (Daily) Making Useless Laws

That’s what Colorado lawmakers are doing. They recently considered SEVEN anti-gun laws (most of which failed), none of which will do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down gun violence because criminals do not OBEY laws, taking advantage of recent mass shootings that creates an atmosphere favoring SOME KIND of “gun control. I’m sure legislators in other states, as well as Congress, are doing the same. The problem is, they don’t give a damn about criminals having guns. They want HONEST people not to have guns so criminals won’t fear DEATH at the hands of their intended victims. They want NO GUNS in the hands of honest citizens so that those criminals (some wearing BADGES) won’t meet DEATH when they come to take those honest people’s property. They KNOW their laws won’t do ANYTHING to stop CRIMINALS from getting guns because criminals don’t GET their guns legally. Nor do they OBEY laws. But disarming honest citizens will make those people DEFENSELESS against ALL criminals. (Just common sense)

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