Thursday, May 23, 2013

Taking Your Guns

You think they’re not going to take your guns? Look at this story: Robert Adams, of Albuquerque, NM, was a gun collector and a licensed gun seller. He owned 1,500 firearms of different kinds. That frightened the feds. Anyone who had that many guns COULD be a definite danger to politicians who want to take what is yours. So, with the assistance of the local sheriff, they raided him and STOLE all his guns after “investigating" him for years. I say STOLE because they had NO reason for taking ALL his guns. It is said that verification of his license to sell guns has not been shown, but that’s no reason to “swoop in” and take his guns. The Constitution says “The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed” (Forget that "militia” crap." the "militia," when the Constitution was adopted, was "ALL the people." There was NOT such a thing as a "state-authorized militia" then).

They had no “charges” to file against him, although, like most feds, they “mentioned” several things of which he was “suspected.” Though none rose to the point where they could charge him with any crime. So they just STOLE his guns, which put a huge financial detriment on him. Among the things they CLAIM they were “investigating” him for is gun smuggling, tax evasion, and violation of importation laws. Unfortunately for them, they could prove NONE of this. So they raided him and just TOOK his guns and put him out of business—for NO reason, except his guns frightened them. And they’ll come for YOUR guns one day too, as they get to everyone. They’re very good at making it SOUND like the people from whom they STEAL are “breaking the law,” when they are NOT. Let this be a warning to every gun owner in the land. They WILL eventually come after your guns, and they don’t NEED a real charge to lodge against you. They’ll just come and TAKE them, as they did here. (Freedom Outpost)

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