Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Choosing the Wrong Solution

Politicians have, for as long as I can remember, ALWAYS chosen the wrong solution to our problems. Most notable of those wrong choices is in “gun control.” ANYBODY with a modicum of intelligence knows you don’t defend yourself by DISARMING yourself. Not personally, and not nationally. Thus, making laws that only apply to people who do not break laws is useless. Yet everything they do does NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS from having guns because criminals do not obey laws. Another wrong solution is the one put forth to “solve the revenue problem” in Washington. Again, intelligent people know you don’t raise taxes in a recession; and that raising taxes does NOT increase the amount of revenue coming into the government,. Just the opposite, in fact. I’m just an “average guy” and I know that. So why don’t our incompetent politicians know?

Maybe it’s because they just want to run things, and making things worse gives them an opportunity to eliminate more of our rights while claiming to be “trying to solve the problem,” whatever that “problem” may be. Strangely, those “solutions” do nothing to “solve the problem” they are supposed to solve; and nobody seems to notice, except for people like me. Never try and point out to a politician (mostly Democrats) the “error of his ways”; he’ll just call you a name and ignore you. Illustration: the “global warming” fiasco. If you rightly disagree with AlGore’s false pronouncements, he calls you an “unbeliever” (just like Islamic terrorists) and goes right on preaching his nonsense. There are many more illustrations of incompetent governing, the best known is the fact that we’re ALWAYS in some kind of a “panic” and nothing ever gets “solved.” When are we going to get rid of these fools and get some politicians that AREN’T incompetent? Or maybe there aren’t any. (Just common sense)

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