Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Second American Revolution"

 That’s what the Milwaukee County sheriff says will happen if the “gun grabbers” have their way – and I agree with him. If Obama’s “gun grabbers” succeed in their efforts to disarm legally the HONEST, responsible people in America, those people should STILL “arm themselves,” however they can do it, legal or illegal so that, when Obama’s thugs come to steal their property they have recourse. I see a revolution coming, and I welcome it. If I were younger, I’d be one of the LEADERS. The gun laws as currently constituted (and how they will be constituted in the future under Obama and his “gang of thieves”) violate the Constitution’s Second Amendment in every way. But there’s no punishment for politicians who violate the Constitution, even though each one of them took an oath to DEFEND it. They could be impeached for violating it, but that takes people with “intestinal fortitude” to institute the action, which we do not have. (InfoWars)

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