Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"One Bullet At A Time"

An 81-year-old man was confronted by an armed robber (or at least a man who wanted him to THINK he had a gun) who told him, “I want everything you’ve got.” So the old man gave him a couple of bullets, one at a time. A neighbor thought the robber was dead and called 911. they “saved” him and sent him to the hospital, where he is now recovering. I hope this man has learned his lesson, that he should not assume his intended victim is unarmed. If he comes after this man for shooting him, he might not survive the next time ha is shot. This again proves my thesis that an armed man, even an 81-year-old man, can stop a crime if he is armed. The news item doesn’t say if this man is LEGALLY armed, but being in Florida, I’d guess he was. In  any case, according to the cops, no charges have been filed against this man for defending himself, at least for now. (The Blaze)

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