Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Security Director"

Every school needs to have a “security director” who is ARMED and is in full charge of making decisions and policies that are for the SECURITY of the school. Someone who is NOT in uniform and is not KNOWN to be armed so he/she cannot be “picked off” right at the start of a “Columbine-style” massacre. The key here is that NOBODY except maybe the principal and maybe the school board is even aware of the existence of an armed security agent who is properly trained for that position, and of his/her identity. If the Columbine principal had been armed and properly trained he could have “hunted down” both shooters and killed them before their “body count” was able to be so big.

He was actually able to sneak up on at least one and watch while he shot into a room. The same is true at all the other shooting sites. The presence of armed (non-uniformed) security at the Sandy Hook Elementary School could have significantly reduced the number of CHILDREN and teachers the shooter could have killed by seeking him out and killing HIM early on. Banning guns in such places will NEVER stop such things from happening because people who will do such things DON’T OBEY LAWS. Why should they? They have SET OUT to violate MANY laws when they plan to kill innocent people in bunches. Making schools “no-gun zones” is an INVITATION to people who want to go into a school and kill people. (Just common sense)

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