Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Gun Scam

What the politicians are doing right now is simply part of the scam to disarm the citizens of the United States so they cannot defend themselves when criminals (some wearing badges) come after their property. Those politicians don’t care about getting guns out of the hands of criminals, NOR stopping violent crimes. They just want to DISARM as many HONEST people as they can. They KNOW their laws so nothing to disarm criminals, who will get their guns in any case. Frankly, I don’t think there is a SINGLE criminal whose gun is legally owned. Nor do I think criminals REGISTER their gun ownership. But that’s what politicians concentrate on: taking guns away from RESPONSIBLE people. They KNOW increasing the penalty for USING a gun in a crime DOES work, but they ignore it and even use the CURRENT laws that do that as “throwaway charges” to obtain convictions for other crimes. There should be a law PREVENTING deals that cancel convictions for gun use. That targets GUN USE instead of DISARMING their victims. (Just common sense)

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