Friday, May 10, 2013

Learning A Lesson

This guy learned a hard lesson in a few seconds when he tried to shoot a cop in the back while he was questioning a suspect. Of course, the lesson won’t help him much because he died learning it. He tried to kill three cops from behind with the usual illegally-gotten gun. He shot them but didn’t do them much damage because of his lack of skill with that gun. The cops were better and, though one was slightly wounded, their shots were right on target and he was killed. Which reinforces my opinion that most criminals, even if armed, aren’t very good with their guns. This situation also proves that it’s not a good idea to shoot at cops. I remember, many years ago, another guy made the same mistake while standing next to my car. He ended up dead with his hand leaning on my car. Fortunately, I was at home a few doors away. The cops had chased him for three miles before he crashed his car and aimed his gun at them. (The Blaze)

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