Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What FOOLS They Be! (Again)

I think I’ve used that title before. But this story illustrates it better than anything else out there so far. I thought there was no limit at how STUPID liberals could be, and I was right. NOW A St. Louis pastor is sponsoring a “gun buyback program” . . .for children’s TOY GUNS! That’s right. You read it right—TOY GUNS! How STUPID is that? Buyback programs for real guns are stupid, but this takes the cake. This is an obvious attempt to BRAINWASH children against guns. It has no other purpose. Why do I automatically name them as liberals? Because only a liberal would be this stupid. As usual, they blame the gun, not the gunner. The true solution to gun violence is more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people. Then criminals would more often run into an ARMED person when they tried to victimize people. They would either change their way of living, or be dead and no longer a problem. Current gun laws do nothing but assure a criminal his intended victim will probably not be armed, and will be a defenseless victim. But don’t try and tell a liberal politician that, they’ll laugh at you and continue making their stupid laws to disarm the victims. I ran around "shooting" toy guns when I was a child, and I've never shot anybody with a real gun. Playing with toy guns does not pervert minds. The only perverted minds here are in the heads of people like this ignorant pastor. (The Blaze)

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